Flora and fauna


Natural resources 
The project area belongs to the Sierra Madre del Sur province, which has several types of vegetation, from mangrove to pine forest.

The following types of vegetation are found in the UMA region: 
coniferous forest Pine, mixed forest of coniferous and broad-leaved Pine – Encino, Encino – pine, broadleaf forest, medium subcaducifolia forest, subcaducifolia low forest, gallery forest, induced pasture, secondary vegetation with unarmed thickets, annual rainforest agriculture with pasture induced.

It has a great landscape and scenic value that invites contemplation and relaxation, showing the magic of the Sierra Madre del Sur with well-preserved forests and unique flora species such as tree ferns and diodes, ancient confiders, relics from previous eras to man himself, when the dinosaurs walked the planet.

Below we present a table of flora species that are reported as threatened within the area of ​​the UMA Potrero de Mulas

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The Potrero de Mulas property has a registration as a Management Unit for the Conservation of Wildlife (UMA), with code SEMARNAT-UMA-EX-0034-JAL, for ecotourism and hunting, delivered by official letter No. SEMARNAT.UARRN. DRNVS / 093/02 of May 2, 2002. The Management Plan was authorized on June 30, 2004 through official letter No. SGPA / DGVS.-05237.

The UMA is constituted as a protected natural area of ​​a private nature with a record and authorized management plan for ecotourism and hunting for the species of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), wild boar (Pecarí tajacu) and chachalaca ( Ortalis poliocephala).

Among the activities of habitat management is the prevention, protection and combat of forest fires, forest pests, poaching and illegal logging.

List of wildlife species referenced as most important and their potential use in the UMA Potrero de Mulas.

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