UMA’s are all those properties and facilities registered with the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) that operate in accordance with an approved management plan and within which permanent monitoring is given to the status of the habitat and populations or specimens of wildlife that are distributed there (with prospects for sustainable use). According to Article 39 of the General Law of Wildlife, its objective is: “Conservation of natural habitat, populations and specimens of wild species” The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Delegation Jalisco, through official Num. SEMARNAT.UARN DRNVS / 093/02 dated May 2, 2002, granted the registration to the Potrero de Mulas IV as UMA with definitive validity with the following information:
Name of the UMAPotrero de Mulas
LocationKnown address, San Sebastian del Oeste
MunicipalitySan Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco
Authorized surface3,834-86-29.69 hectares
Registry keySEMARNAP-UMA-EX0034-JAL
Kind of propertyPrivate
Purpose of the UMAEcotourism, conservation and research
The registration is granted for the conservation and management of the following species:
Common nameScientific name
ChachalacaOrtalis Poliocephala
whitetail deerOdocoileus Virginianus
Wild boarPecari Tajacu
ChonchoPenelope Purpurascens

The Management Plan is authorized by Official Letter No. SGPA / DGVS.-05237, of June 30, 2004, issued by the General Directorate of Wildlife; On August 30, 2007 through the official document NUP. SGPARN. / 217/07 the management plan is modified in which the following species are included:

Common nameScientific name
Arborescent fernCyathea Costaricensis
DioonDioon Thomasellii
ZamiaZamia Paucijuga
JaguarPanthera Onca

As well as a surface of 6000 square meters with special veining mesh was created for the reproduction and later release of the Whitetail Deer The UMA Potrero de Mulas is not allowed any type of hunting, it is exclusively for conservation and management of the authorized species, not so the hunting of the mentioned species or of any other. More information : For more information, contact the cell phones 322 2057119, 3222057152, or book by clicking on the following link: