In rock climbing it is essential to know how to use the ropes that are used to secure or tie to a fixed point or between climbers, while one climbs another holds the rope to prevent any fall or slip.

The climbing in Ferrata way is a sports itinerary located on a rocky wall

The technique called abseiling is used to descend through very steep terrain; The rope is fixed in such a way that it can be unhooked when the last climber has used it. To descend the rope, climbers use the friction generated (often absorbed by a mechanical device attached to their bodies) to control their rate of descent. Among the current techniques for the steepest climbs is the use of wedges , which are embedded in cracks in the rocks, to which the ropes are fastened by means of rings with clasps called carabiners . The vertical and top faces of the rocks may also require the use of small nylon ladders, attached to the rock by the first climbers; the next can then use two mechanical lifts that alternately hold and release the rope while the climber climbs using the stirrups.

The physiography of the site allowed to establish routes for beginners and for experts, two sites have been identified: “The waterfall of Los Vencejos” , which is located on the upper part of the stream of “Los Helechos” , which presents a fall among the 15 to approximately 20 meters . To perform Rappel for beginners you will find a place just a few meters southeast of the “Blue Lizard” Camp area. Ideal for abseiling for beginners .

In the hill of El Caballito there is a fall on a rock greater than 60 meters . It is an ideal place to rappel more professionally or for those who like real extreme sport. The rock is framed between beautiful landscapes and the clouds that collide from the Pacific.

The user is made up, on the one hand by guests looking to do a different activity on their vacations and experienced athletes looking to find new routes that represent a challenge or training.