Mountain biking

The location of the UMA Potrero de Mulas, is 20 kms. to the west of the town of San Sebastian and on the other side 30 kms. of Puerto Vallarta (to the east), within the UMA Potrero de Mulas was designed on the old forest roads an internal route of medium difficulty with maximum slopes of 25 degrees and a length of 6 kilometers, which part of the area of ​​cabins, goes up to the portico of the lechuguilla, go down to the stream of the cacharreras, surround the edge of the hill and return to the place of departure. The route is indicated by arrows. 
Regularly experienced cyclists have traveled the route from pet to San Sebastian passing the hill of the bufa, the Estancia, Potrero de Mulas and Puerto Vallarta, 
$ 50 adults per tour that lasts approximately two to three hours with their own bicycles.