Camping area

CAMPISM is an activity that involves spending the night in an outdoor area, within ecotourism involves establishing a natural area for one or several days.Looking to cause the minimum impacts when performing this activity.

Two types of camp areas are identified according to the profile of the users and the characteristics of the sites: ecological camp areas and open camp areas

“The Blue Lizard”

It is designed for beginner campers, for families with small children, seniors or those who wish to camp with few complications, it is located 5 minutes away from the cabins area “La Bulera and Núcleo de la UMA, next to the Tyrolean area and the Challenge Park. , with a view to the Venadario. Account of 3 platforms of 6 × 6 mts., With maximum capacity for 10 people each, bathrooms for women and men separately, each with 2 WC, shower with hot water and sinks; also areas to light the fire (one for each stage), trash cans and surveillance.

The cost per night of 1 to 5 people is $ 750 per platform, from 6 to 10 people is $ 150 additional pesos per person. The cost includes the use of the platform, the toilets, showers and the fire area. The load of firewood costs $ 50 pesos.