Cabins area

In the cabins area there is a central dining room, where the food service is offered at the request of the guests according to the footnote of the attached menu.The type of food is ranch (corn tortilla made by hand, beans in clay pot, cheese, jocoque, roast beef etc.). Occasionally it is used to teach environmental education courses and presentations, as well as rent to groups for socializing. See Menu …

All the cabins have attached a volcanic rock feeding place with a load of oak wood (20 logs) and ocot rills, this is included with the price of the rent per day. If they require more firewood, they are supplied at a cost of 50 pesos per load.


They have two rooms with two single beds in each room. In the room they have two bases with 80 cms cushions. wide that act as sofas or small beds. The bathroom is tile with cancel for the shower, the water is heated by a step boiler. The lighting is with candles in candelabras (included in the rent of the cabin), have sunlight (2 to 3 hours depending on the cost and the sun). Its normal capacity is 6 people with a cost of $ 2700.00 pesos per night, with the possibility of two more people with a cost of $ 300.00 pesos each. These cabins are located next to the lake and the other on the slopes of a hill overlooking the lake, parking and camping space.


They have a space in common for the kitchen-dining room and living room, it has the same type of bathroom as the large one. 
– The small cabins have two double beds one on the ground floor and the other in the tapanco, has the same services as the large and are located next to the lake and the other on a hill overlooking the lake, this takes place for park and space to camp. The cost of the small cabin is $ 1800.00pesos per night with a capacity of 4 people, with the possibility of an extra fifth, with a cost of $ 300.00 pesos.

The Ecological tourist ranch  UMA Potrero de Mulas SPR of RL , offers apart from the rent of cabins, rent of spaces for camping , descriptive trails for knowledge of the fauna and flora of the region, zip line , environmental education courses, mountain biking, climbing in rock, abseiling and several activities to live with nature.


Transportation from la Ermita to Potrero de Mulas has a cost of $1250.00 pesos for a maximum of 5 people.